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About me

Get to know me and my philosophy

Shane Norton Craniosacral Osteopathy
Shane Norton
Manual Therapist

I came to Switzerland as a climber wanting to be closer to the mountains.


Things change, people grow and I now combine my background in sport and my original education in Sports Science, with my further and continuing education in Osteopathy and Cranialsacral Therapy. This helps me to support people in maintaining and improving their physical functioning.

Moreover I add a touch of the esoteric with Kundalini Bodywork. A methodology that allows me to address the emotional and energetic aspects of the physical trauma that the client is experiencing.

Physical and emotional well-being

For me these things don't exist separately. If I'm mentally under stress, my body follows and vice versa. Therefore it's important for me to include these two elements in my treatments.


Don't worry, this doesn't mean we're going to be undertaking talk therapy. It means I'm conscious to create an environment where you feel safe and nurtured, to use techniques that do not force your body but that encourage and allow it to change, and throughout the session I'll encourage you to emotionally feel your body as I work on it.

I'lll also encourage you to talk to me about your treatment and how we can improve it for you. Some people may prefer very physical methods, others more gentle. I tend not to be as physical as some osteopaths can be and often find that I have the most success with gentle techniques.

Entspannender Abschluss einer Osteopathie-Behandlung
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